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Being accused of a federal crime is a serious matter. The government has an incredible amount of power and the stakes are high. Sentences for federal crimes often range in terms of years in prison. In addition, severe minimum mandatory sentences are frequently imposed for certain crimes.

Due to the extraordinary expense of healthcare and insurance in America, fraud is on the rise. The federal government focuses heavily on investigating and prosecuting individuals believed to be committing healthcare and insurance fraud. Several agencies are involved in these types of investigations such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Ms. Albaum understands that for clients, a conviction could mean the loss or suspension of their professional license, in addition to any jail time and fines they may face. If you or somebody you know is facing a federal investigation or prosecution, it is imperative you hire an attorney with experience in the federal system. The following are federal crimes commonly charged in the Middle District of Florida:

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With more than 25 jury trials under her belt, Ms. Albaum has successfully prosecuted and defended a vast array of charges such as:

• Assault & Battery • Carjacking • DUI • Attempted Homicide
• Domestic Violence • Firearms Offense • Narcotics • Robbery
• Vehicular Homicide


Ms. Albaum has experience working with public agencies to resolve issues, assess concerns and weigh risks.  She has represented professionals concerning regulatory and administrative matters, including:

• Administrative Hearings & Agency Proceedings 
• Licensing/ Permitting  • General Regulatory Matters
• Medicare & Medicaid Hearings
• Professional Disciplinary Hearings

Ms. Albaum has also represented individuals in matters pertaining to: 

• Agency for Heath Care Administration • County Governments
• Department of Business & Professional Regulation • Department of Transportation • Board of Medicine • Compliance Healthcare • CMS
• DEA Diversion • Department of Health
• Division of Administrative Hearings